CIN : U01409TN2016PTC110856. Governement of India and Tamil Nadu have certifed our products as organic.

Viruthai Millets

Viruthai Millets Farmers Producer Company Limited is formed by the millets farmers in Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu South India.

We are goverend by the policy guidelines of Small Farmer's Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India and Tamil nadu SFAC. We are registered under Companies Act 2013 and Companies Act 1956. Department of Agricutlure, Tamil Nadu Reviews our work, monitors and supports us through capacity building programs and through other subsidies.

We have developed specific project interventions that will lead to reduced cost of cultivation, increased productivity and incomes, better management of risk by farmers through insurance and diversification, realization of entitlements; along with outcomes related to promotion of environmentally sustainable practices and revival of traditional practices of millets farmers. The approaches are developed with a focus of scaling up and sustainability, with clear institutional delivery model, tools and processes for needs assessment, unit costs and returns, value proposition for each stakeholder of the initiative, and financial quality assurance systems.

Please support us by purchasing the millets that are competitively priced. We can supply millets produced by our farmers in large quantities.
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All of our products are organic excluding (Redgram, Bengal gram, chillies).
Our products are certified as Organic by the Government of TamilNadu


The overall goal of the company is to improve livelihoods and thereby reduce poverty of the small and marginal millets growing farmers in selected production clusters of Virudhunagar districts of Tamil Nadu.


To build a prosperous and sustainable agriculture sector by promoting and supporting member/shareholders to enhance productivity through Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) and realize their returns for their produces through Aggregate Marketing network supported by Government of India/State Government, Research Agencies, civil society, financial institutions and other private sector industries.
Strategies are built on the principles of social enterprise model in order to achieve very high social, economic and environmental impacts.