CIN : U01409TN2016PTC110856. Governement of India and Tamil Nadu have certifed our products as organic.

Direct farm Procurement

VMFPCL is performing both trading and marketing of value-added products of millets, pulses, spices and oil seeds. The below table shows that the business farm procurement turnover over the period of April 2018 to March 2019. In that our quantity of procurement of each material was increased by double the rate.


Two types of Procurement Methods are followed

  1. Local procurement and inter district procurement.
  2. Based on Seasonal Calendar

Local Procurement System:

  1. Village level Collection centre:

Farming is a source of income for Virudhunagar rural farm producers, which contributes towards strengthening the livelihoods of small farmers who form majority of production. In a market driven economy, it is more important to have producer-centric institutional structures that strictly conform to cooperative principles and provide farmers a greater access to the organized market.  

Village based procurement systems that facilitate fair and transparent transactions.


  • Mobilization and institution building of small & marginal farmers
  • Selecting and appointing Village level lead farmer
  • Establishing collection centre at village level for Strengthening of procurement system
  • Promoting Farmers Interested Group to have large coverage and procurement.  
  • Training and capacity building of lead farmers and other functionaries
  • Investments in the village level Infrastructure for collection and bulking such as weighing scale, gunny bags, gunny bag sewing machine, basic records, etc.

The objectives of the LPS include

  • Setting up a sustainable procurement system ensuring fairness and transparency.
  • Ensuring that quality produce is procured by bringing more farmers under the organized sector.
  • Creating more village level institutional structures for empowering small farmers.
  • Helping small and marginal farmers to get access to the value addition of product processing and thereby enhance income of small and marginal farmers. 

The main expected results from the interventions are: 

  • Increase in the number of small and marginal farmers can be organized under a producer institution.
  • Better access to the organized value addition facility.
  • Better price realization.
  • Improvement in quality & uniformity of grains procured.

Name of the Blocks

No. of Collection Centres








  1. Storage Facilities in RM ( Regulated Market Committee)

Leads farmers are organised towards supply their procured grains to the regulated market warehouses established by government departments. Where the details of the procurement and storage will be handled by the FIG involved.

And moreover the FIG can also organise procurement operation on behalf of government. Green gram is procuring under this process n Virudhunagar by this system FIG will gain some income and will be used for respective farmer’s group benefits.