CIN : U01409TN2016PTC110856. Governement of India and Tamil Nadu have certifed our products as organic.

Processing and Manufacturing

Development of processing centre for millets and paddy - The agriculture and agro based processing industries are a key solution area of our problems relating to wastage of agro produce and value addition of food products enhance farmers income. Agro processing sector is one of the largest sectors in India in terms of production, growth, consumption, and export of value added agro products. It is envisaged that we should be one of the largest millet food factory of India. So as to generate income, employment and foreign exchange in a big way, through significant increase in level of processing and achieve higher growth through value addition. we have developed Processing centre for millets and paddy at Valayangulam. Funded Supported by NADP-2016-17

As a reward to our farmers effort our factory unit was visited and appraised by Mr.Krishnanan Principal Secretary IAS (Housing Urban Development) and Mr. Sivaganam, IAS District Collector & DD Agri. Business, Virudhunagar.

How we process our grain

Production techniques: Millets

 Our strength in processing

We retaining our quality of produce by employing indigenous technique of processing at every step of the operation with specially designed and fabricated advanced imported machinery.

Production techniques: Pulses / dal

Dry land agriculture is the system of cultivation dependent solely on receipt of rainfall. A flagship scheme of the state government, MSDA was introduced in 2017-2018.

 To achieve sustainable production in dryland agriculture through development of dry land clusters established Integrated Processing Centre for Millets, Pulses & Oil Seeds at Moolipatti. Funded & Supported by Mission on Sustainable Dry land Agriculture (MSDA). District inaugurated by our district collector, JDA, AE and government officials.

 Through this system the farming groups have been able to increase the value of their agricultural produce and increase their earnings. The system also provides services for the local rural population, such as grinding flour, processing of pulses etc. the revenue generated by this system is to make the systems cost effective and functional.

 This organisation has created employment for at least 10 people in the rural environment itself as per the present situation. This enables to avoid the migration of rural peoples to urban due to unemployment.

 The seed processing unit is supported by the scheme Sub-Mission for Seed and Planting Material (SMSP) under National Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technology (NMAET). This unit will cover the entire gamut of seed production chain, from production of nucleus seed to supply of certified seeds to the farmers, to provide support for creation of infrastructure conducive for development of the seed sector in rural demography itself, and also for improving their capacity and quality of seed production, create dedicated seed bank to meet unforeseen circumstances of natural calamities, etc.

The company is Developing 100 MT of Seed processing and storage unit at Melathulukkangulam for the Virudhnagar district farmers at a cost of 60 lakhs with full state subsidy from Government. Construction work are currently in operation. This plant is coming soon to its full function