CIN : U01409TN2016PTC110856. Governement of India and Tamil Nadu have certifed our products as organic.

Board of Directors

Mr R.Seenivasan is from Melathulukkangulam village in Virudhunagar district. He is a leading farmer in his village. He studied up to Pre University Course in Virudhunagar.

He has experience in growing natural herbal plants and used for medicinal treatments in various health issues. He has knowledge in Herbal Treatment for Health pains relief. He was a prominent leader in various farmer groups for more than 10 years. He has attended various meetings, seminars held for farmer welfare groups .

Mrs.Vidhya is a commercial graduate from an agriculural family. Her family is not belonged to the agriculture. She worked for more than 13 years in SHG field and has conducted studies of member’s income pattern from Agriculture and livelihood activities.

She has participated in various seminars and forums and played an active part in discussing the farmers issues related to the agriculture. She works towards the welfare of the farmers and their family.

Mr.K.Muniasamy is BE Graduate from an agriculural family. He cultivates maze and cotton in his farm land. He organises and co-ordinates monthly awareness meetings in his village and focuses on markeing field and latest technologies used for increased productivity. He attends various meetings and seminars and contributes and guides farmers in his village.

Mr.A.Arumugam is educated upto the primary school and he is from Varalotti village, Virudhunagar. He is a small farmer with one acre of non-irrigated land and relies upon monsoon rain for cultivation of millets. He sells fertilizers to small farmers in his village and suppliments his income.

Mr. C.Kannan is a MBA Graduate from an agriculural family from Valayankulam village in Virudhunagar District. He owns three acres of irrigation land and harvests red chillies and cotton. He also maintains livestock and increases his income. He is part of the SHG farmers group for more than 6 months and plays a lead role. He regularly participates in farmers conference meetings organised by NGOs. He owns a small shop in his village, He always uses organizes organic fertilizers in his farm land and improves quality of the products.

Mr.Paramisivam is educated upto the primary school and he is from Mettukundu village, Virudhunagar. He is one of the leading farmers in his village. He grows natural herbal plants that are used for for treatments for various health issues. He regaularly attends farmers conference meetings. He also harvests coriander seeds, millets and some herbal plants in his two acres of land. He uses organic fertilizers in his lanf and improves soil quality. He is kind hearted and helps suffering people.

Mrs A.Rajeswari is educated upto the secondary school and she is from Kanjanayakkanpatti village, Virudhunagar. She leases half acres of land and harvests jasmine in his land. She suppliments her income through tailoring. She attended skills training to use best and efficient methods to improves productivity. She plans to purchase two acres of agricultural land.

Mr D.Kandasamy is from Pannaimunradappu, Virudhunagar District. He has owns one acre of leased agricultural land with irrigated water facility. He is active member of SHG group and has received knowledge about adding values to farming products. He leads on delivering skills training based on organic based farming to his villagers.

Mr.A.Raman is educated upto the primary school and he is from Thottiyankulam, Thiruzhuli taluk,Virudhunagar District. He owns 5 acre of cultivation land and cultiavtes banana. He regularly participates in farmers conference meetings for more than 15 years organised by us for farmer welfare and agricultural growth.

Mrs B.Subbulakshmi is educated upto the primary school and from Kattankudi, Arupukottai Taluk, Virudhunagar District. She leases on acre of agriculture land and cultivates maize, cotton and millets. After receiving training as SHG member, she gained self confidence to do business and grows brinjal, bottle guard, tomoto and other flowers.